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2018 Town of Wood River Annual Meeting
April 21st, 2018

Chairman Joel Johnson called the Annual Town meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. at the Wood River Town Hall on Hwy 70 in Alpha WI.

**Tracy Finch: Tracy Finch is running for Burnett County Sheriff. She gave input on her experience and her goals.
**The minutes from the 2017 Annual meeting were discussed. A motion was made by Donald Chell to accept the minutes as written. Dave Chell seconded the motion. Motion carried with a voice vote. 14 voted in favor and none opposed. Motion passed.
**The Financial Report was reviewed. Dale Halverson commented that he appreciated the breakdown of income and expenses. A motion was made by Dale Halverson to accept the Financial Report as written. Chuck Swenson seconded the motion. Motion carried with a voice vote. 14 were in favor and none opposed. Motion passed.
**Fire Association Report given by Daryl Wedin. Daryl stated that on May 5, 2017 a truck had about $70,000 worth of damage while out on a call. It was covered by insurance. Derek Zeiler is officially done. Lost 3 members. 19 left. 2 more members are retiring this year. The ambulance is not always in town so the Fire Dept is getting calls for assistance with lifting. National Night Out was a big success with approximately 800-900 people. There were issues on the north side of the fire hall with the gutters. Area was fixed for free. They received a $3,000 grant for Helmet Head. They now have a text message system that lets them know whom can make it or cannot make it to a call. They went back to monthly meetings. Donald Chell asked if there were still short of members. Daryl replied “yes”.
**Gopher Bounty: Dale Halverson requested that the Board consider passing an ordinance to make sure we are only giving out funds to gophers trapped within the Town of Wood River. Donald Chell made a motion to set the gopher bounty at $2/tail with a cap of $750. Chuck Swenson seconded it. All voted in favor. MC.
**2017 Road Work: Resurfaced 1 mile on S. Williams Rd from Highway 70 at a depth of 3”. Widened the road to 22’. Replaced culverts on Hegge and Crosstown Rd. Replaced the backhoe. Old one had major issues. Repaired the curve on N. Shore Drive. Ground up, filled in with gravel and resurfaced. The General Transportation Aid increased by about $10,000 this year. They take the 3 year average of money spent and give you about 85%. They want you to increase your spending. Comment made that we need to have trees cut back to improve visibility. Especially at the intersection of S. Williams Road and Wood Lake Road. Need a “Stop ahead” sign put in there. Possibly a solar stop sign. Need to measure from the middle of the road into the right of way and cut what is needed. Dale Halverson said that Assembly Drive is still not on the Long Range Plan. Would like to have the Board reconsider putting Assembly Drive on to the plan. He stated that they need a culvert replaced because it’s washed out. The road has about 40 vehicles per day. Last year the Town had most roads open for ATV/UTV traffic. Trade Lake is considering opening roads to ATV/UTV traffic. Dale Halverson asked if there was any chance of uniformity in speed. At this time, no.
**Dale Halverson made a motion to give Power of Authority to access funds for emergency purposes to the Wood River Board. Motion was seconded by Donald Chell. A voice vote of 14 voted in favor. MC.
** Donald Chell made a motion to set the annual meeting for 2019 on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. Chuck Swenson seconded the motion. 14 voted in favor and none opposed. Motion passed.
**New Town Hall considerations: The Board had the Town lots surveyed and given what the new required setbacks were, Joel Johnson applied to the Count y for a variance to replace with fewer setbacks. Was brought up to remodel the shop for all purpose use. Was stated that would most likely not meet current codes. Dale Halverson asked if we could share with the Town of Grantsburg. Clerk Raylene Swanson stated that there was not enough room for both Towns for 2 elections to be held simultaneously, much less offices. Daryl Wedin mentioned that we own part of the fire hall, we could use part of that. The Clerk needs to have control of the voting machines and have accessibility to the building at any time.

**Dale Halverson asked about the website. Raylene Swanson stated that ordinances could not be put on to website due to being a Word document. Donald Chell stated that the Humane Society has requested $2,500 from the County to finish up its project. Donald said that the County is considering transferring this issue on to the Town’s shoulders. Dave Chell asked what the status was on replacing the Road Maint. Operator. Working on ad for paper and then interviews.
**Donald Chell made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Dale Halverson seconded the motion. 14 voted in favor and none opposed. Motion passed. Joel Johnson adjourned the Annual Meeting at 10:55 a.m.

Raylene Swanson, Clerk


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